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Egg Incubator Turning Tray Trigger Time Delay Seting

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6-30V 1 Channel Relay Module Switch Trigger Time Delay Circuit Timer Cycle Adjustable

Features of Timer relay for incubator:

1. Trigger Signal Source: High Level Trigger (3.0 V-24 V), signal ground and system ground are not common, which can increase anti-interference abilit

system (short circuit can also connect with a ground common)

2. Output Capacity: can control no more than DC 30V 5A AC or 220 V devices 5A

3. Optocoupler Isolation: improve the anti-interference ability, after the parameter setting, it will memory forever timer relay Switch


Material: Electrical components

Color: See pictures

Size: 6.3×3.8×1.5cm

Operating voltage: 6-30V timer relay

Time interval:0.1 s (minimum) ~ 999 min (maximum) continuously adjustable

Operation Mode:

P1: After triggered signal, power relay on time OP, then turn off; within the OP period following operation timer relay Switch

1) P1.1: Signal being triggered again is not effective

2) P1.2: Signal being triggered again, start time again

3) P1.3: Signal being triggered again, reset; disconnect relay, stop timing

P2: Giving the trigger signal, the time after shutdown relay CL power relay OP time; then timing, turn off the relay

P3.1: Give the trigger signal after the power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then operating cycle above cycle gaive signal again, shutdown relay stop timing; cycle times (LOP) can be set timer relay

P3.2: After connecting. no need to trigger signal, power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then the operating cycle above timea cycle (LOP) can be set

Q4: Keeping the function of the signal; if there is no trigger signal, the time will be canceled, relay stay connected; when the signal disappears, timing OP turn off the relay; over time, if no signal again, the time is cleared

how to choose the time interval:

timer relay Switch

parameter Introduction: OP power over time, turn off time CL, LOP cycle times (1-999 times, “—” is unlimited cycle)

1. In the selection of parameter set interface mode, and press the STOP button to select the time.

(1)xxx. if the decimal point is in some place, the time interval is s-1 999 s

(2)xx. x is decimal place is ten, the time interval is 0.1 s 99.9 s-

(3)x. x. x is the decimal point are all on, the time interval is 1 min-999 min

How to set the parameter:

timer relay Switch

1. First make sure relay operation mode

2. According to the operaiting relay mode, the main interface (power module will flash current operating mode; standard mode P1.1, then come intot main interface); long press SET key two seconds and then looen enter selection interface mode; by pressing UP, DOWN key to choose the mode setting

(P1.1 ~ P4)

3. After selecting the mode, press short SET to set the corresponding parameter, then the parameter you want to set will flash

(OP power in time; CL power off time; LOP cycle times, “—” is unlimited cycle ); by UP, DOWN to set the parameter value, support long press

(increase or decrease quickly) and press slightly (increase or decrease of 1 unit); after setting the parameter value by short press the STOP key to choose decimal place; choose the time interval (corresponding time interval is 0.1 s-999 min); Short press SET to set the current mode next parameter, the process is the same as above

4. After the setting mode parameter, press and hold the SET button then hold the current configuration mode will flash, then go back to the main interface; define success parameter

main interface: when the relay does not work, it will show “000” (no decimal point); the operating state relay, the screen has a decimal point

Mode Select Interface:

press and hold the SET key to enter; after setting, long press the SET button back on main interface 6-30V 1 Channel RELAY

Activate Relay Mode Timer relay for incubator:

1. NO: PO in power over time, relay can be connected

2. OFF: relay is not allowed to connect, when in the off state

in short main interface press the STOP key to achieve turn ON and OFF, current state will flash; then back to the main interface 6-30V 1 Channel RELAY

(this function is a function of sudden stop, 1 key to turn off the relay)

Sleep Mode:

C-P Sleep mode: within 5 minutes, no operation; nixie tube will close auto display, and a function program well e