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Dual T.E.N.S, Electronic Physiotherapy, Electronic Acupuncture

Key Features: ·         Easy and simple physiotherapy at your own convenience. ·         Best for doctor, physiotherapist or home use. ·         A safe and useful alternative to medicines. ·         No medical recommendation required. ·         No side effect, no reaction. ·         Quick results. ·         Heavy duty construction. ·         Large size, long life silicone electrodes with gel.

  • One device many applications!

Advantages of ET1: (Electrotherapy / T.E.N.S. Unit) ·          Fast effective and safe pain reliever, just like this CBD cream that reduces pain. Improves body’s own immune system to fight ailments and diseases. ·          Provides a massage course. ·          Recovers from fatigue. ·          It is an electronic acupuncture device (acupuncture without needles). ·          Provides electronic physiotherapy. ·          Can be used with ease and simplicity. ·          Two separated outputs for two body parts, or two persons. ·          Does not require expensive batteries. ·          No electric risk due to the use of two isolated transformers. ·          Pulses with rectangular “balanced” waveform with zero net DC components. ·          Wide-range of Frequencies / Pulse.

  • Large, electrode pads for gentle massage.

How it Works? In use, two or more electrodes are placed on the skin surface, usually above or on either side. A small, pulsed current is passed between them. To place electrodes properly, user refers to the detailed charts and tables given in the user’s manual. A fairly high voltage is required to pass the current (off course it is tiny and safe) through the body. By providing a pleasant electronic stimulus to nerve tissues, cells and blood vessels, it causes contracting movement of organs, thus contributing greatly to removing various elements impeding circulation of blood, such as cholesterol and effete matters attached to peripheral blood vessels.   Some applications:

It gives a stimulus to the autonomic nervous system as well as lets the paralyzed muscle contract, calm down excited nerves to remove pain and relieve fatigue, thus harmonizing various functions of the body by quickening secretion of hormone and enzyme necessary to maintain the human body.
In many cases this produces significant relief, and it has been known to succeed where all other means have failed.

Effectiveness for Pain Treatment: Do you feel pain getting out of bed? Or walking up the stairs your ET1 Electrotherapy / T.E.N.S. can help you.   T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a modern, non invasive, drug free, pain management commonly used for short term acute pain or long term chronic pain.   Pain is the body’s defense mechanism telling you something is wrong, but it is debilitating and annoying. ET1 T.E.N.S. helps the body get out of pain.   A T.E.N.S. Unit is great for a variety of injuries, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee joint pain, and muscle associated pain as well as many other work and sport related injuries, such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) and many other problems related to today’s sedentary working environments.   It is highly effective on all form of rheumatoid arthritis, congestion, soreness, muscle strains and sport injuries as it relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and relaxes affected areas. Use to assist treatment of headache, toothache, tennis elbow. Relieves soreness in the applied area and much more!  

It also enables you to enjoy the benefits of rapid healing of injury and the ability to rehabilitate. 

What Diseases it Cures?

This device can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and common ailments, including:   Appetite loss, Beauty massage, Blood circulation problems, Body building / Muscle exercise, Cystitis, Decline in energy, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Enuresis, Eye strain, Fever / High temperature, Foot massage (Anti-aging therapy), Gastric ulcer, Gastritis, Headache, Hemorrhoids (Piles), High blood pressure, Indigestion, Insomnia, Knee joint inflammation, Leucorrhea, Lumbago, Menstrual irregularity / Gynecologic condition, Muscle pain (Legs), Muscle pain (Arms), Nervous system imbalance, Nervous tension, Neuralgia, Over weight / Extra fat removal, Pain, Arthritis pain, Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Palsy, Paralysis, Facial neuralgia, Facial paralysis, Peptic ulcer, Rheumatism, Sciatic nerve (Sciatica), Sexual vigor improvement, Spinal impulses, Spinal imbalances, Tiredness / Weariness, Tooth ache, Ulcus cramp,  

It also enhances natural healing power and causes favorable turn in various symptoms.

Other Features:

Strengthens muscles: Helps to strengthen and tone musclesat your convenience.  

For Weight Reduction and Beauty Massage:

It purges toxins and helps in weight loss when it is used on your waist, arms, legs etc. The electric conduction of the electrodes is safe and comfortable.   For Infertility, Impotence or Lack of Sexual Desire: ET1 promotes peripheral blood circulation in the effected region (due to daily stress or growing age) of the male or female body and enhances the activity to a normal balanced condition.   User Friendly Functions & Design: Unit has simply two control settings Pulse Duration and Amplitude Control. High Pulse stimulation: Relieving symptoms of chronic pain, stiffness & numbness. Low Pulse stimulation: Effective for acute pain and immediate blockage of pain transmissions. Intensity settings using comfort level dial (0 – 10 level selection).   Side Effects:  It has no side effect.   Safety: It has no electric risk due to the use of two isolated transformers and due to breakthrough technology of electrode pads.

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